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Keynote Speaker

A sought-after inspirational keynote speaker, Anne Contee shares her inspiring journey that has resulted in her own personal growth and the tools needed to achieve inner joy and peace by healing others.  Audiences will walk away enriched, with new skillsets and with a new outlook on relational connection.  


Anne’s speaking skills are honed from her experiences with Toastmasters, she also infuses her techniques as a Master Leader for Safe Conversations workshops. She is not only confidently comfortable inspiring and teaching crowds, Anne shines and thrives when uplifting others.


Using lessons-learned from her own personal transformation, her two Master Degrees coupled with her Imago Relationship Certification, Anne offers her unique perspective as a middle eastern woman in a new culture where connections are often conflicted and perceived differently. 


Anne expertly discusses a range of topics including; how to connect beyond differences, how to establish a dream relationship both professional and personally, how to navigate through negative conversations and explain techniques needed to communicate with empathy to live a more relationally connected, and compassionate life.


With a career that continues to help and heal others, she inspires audiences to embody a “safe and nonjudgmental” approach to life and shares her impactful message.

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