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Getting the Love You Want

As a Master Leader of SC, I am grateful to have been hand-picked by Harville and Helen, I have been conducting several SC workshops for couples which provides them the essential tools to talk without criticism, listen without judgment, and connect beyond differences. I have developed a strategic marketing plan for conducting these workshops.


These workshops have proven to be a wonderful way for couples, individuals, and the workplace environment to become aware of their triggers, to understand their relationship journey and to awaken them to the possibility of a dream relationship, both personally and professionally.


A 4-hr SC workshop for couples actually acts as a pre-requisite for Getting the Love You Want.  We specifically communicate to the couples that this IS NOT Therapy, this is an awakening and understanding that their conflict is growth trying to happen. The SC workshops act as a teaser for GTLYW. In order to fully resolve their unmet needs from early childhood and take their relationship to that dream level, further work and commitment needs to take place.


We would love to partner with you and fill, what we believe to be a gap in the market, for couples that can’t afford a Getting the Love you Want workshop but are desperately seeking tools and support in order to reconnect and make sense of their triggers and frustrations.


This market gap is not only regarding a financial factor, but a cultural gap, time commitment and the intimidation factor of attending a “Therapy Workshop”. A SC workshop would fill those market needs. These workshops are bite sized, provide an awakening and understanding to the reasoning behind a couples’ struggles in their relationship, it is the start of their journey to a dream relationship.


After couples leave a SC workshop, they have an eagerness and desire to further develop their newfound knowledge, this is where our partnership would come in. Is there more? Yes! Their journey has only begun, the natural next step is GTLYW.


I lead the workshops as “Anne”, a Master Leader for SC, not as a therapist. When launching SC Harville Hendrix was adamant in keeping these roles separate, and I intend to abide by the integrity of the SC brand.



Let’s discuss a potentially wonderful dream partnership.

When you book a session, you can anticipate professional services in a home environment which include attributes of safety, empathy, acceptance, caring and sensitivity. 


​Before you leave your first session, you will receive encouraging and constructive  feedback, we will discuss a plan of action, direction and next steps will be established.  You are not obligated in any way to commit to a certain number of sessions. 


We can book your sessions when you feel comfortable, one at a time,

weekly or bi-weekly. 


I invite you to awaken and transform in a safe space of healing and trust. 

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