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Chi for Two® The Energetic Dance of Healthy Relationship

Healing Multigenerational Trauma within the Romantic Dance

Explore how to move and deeply nourish yourself, from the inside-out.

Discover how to communicate through touch, movement and energetic connection.



Learn to appreciate how these body-based practices invite a spiritual redo—healing trauma, enlivening sexual functioning and easing the exhausting burden that can come from gender role messages. 

Through a wonderful holistic flow learn to understand why romantic interactions trigger reactions in your bodies that come from multigenerational trauma.
Discover how to release these traumatic infant/parent “dances” which set the stage for dysfunctional romantic “dances”.


Move through an alternative dance of active and passive when safety is facilitated, this enables the dance of a healthy relationship.

Chi for Two® - The Energetic Dance of Healthy Relationship was originated by long-time counselor and dance/movement therapist

Dee Wagner. 

Using expressive arts modalities, Dee takes people on a journey into deep places and guides them back again.

In these workshops, Dee will teach the basics of these partner practices to attendees which can then be incorporated into their romantic relationship. 


Anne Contee joins Dee to help process this powerful material and guide attendees through the techniques.

Let Dee and Anne coach you through, then apply the practices at home.

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Techniques include:

  • Awareness and recognition of the feelings in your body

  • Witnessing each other in nonjudgmental ways

  • Palm-to-palm experiences

  • Mindfulness of the energetic "dance" of giving and receiving

  • Sensing the role of self-support in supportive partnership

Participants may join individually or with a romantic partner, either by signing up for one session or all three.

This 3-part workshop teaches basic Chi for Two® partner practices.





Session 1: On My Side, Not My Side of the Street

A mindfulness in understanding My Side of the Street/Your Side of the Street, each other’s perspective. In this way, Chi for Two® practices help us bridge language differences within our romantic dances.


Session 2: Pause— Knowing No, Saying No 

Intimacy and connection, our sexual energy is active. Awakening energy and desire through movement, learn how to offer intimacy and warmth. Learn to say "No," and to sense that a partner's "No thank you" is not a rejection, understanding the peaks and valleys in an intimate relationship. 


Session 3: Pelvic Transitions, Ready Stance and Dance de Digestif

An awakening in Self-esteem and sense of self. Breaking through gender and cultural messaging and predetermined roles we have established. Discover how your dance shifts, roles are blurred, not assigned but rather integrated with respect.

Session One: $99 per person

February 13, 2021 ,2-5pm EST 


Session Two: $99 per person

March 6, 2021 2-5pm EST 


Session Three: $99 per person

March 20, 2021 2-5pm EST 


All three sessions for $250 per person.

Best value! Bundle all three! Must be paid in advance


Participants may join individually or with a romantic partner, signing up for one session or all three.

If you sign up for all three and must cancel, you can shift the fee to cover the next offering of the session you miss.

For more information on the partner practices, go to

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